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God, our Comforter

This play session took place after I had attended a custody hearing early in the morning and worked out aggressively in Taekwando class during lunch.

I wasn't sure where to begin which is often the case for many of my clients and for myself. I heard God telling me that it was my choice and I could play or not play with all of the toys in most of the ways I liked. I decied to allow the process to guide my direction.

I walked over to the babies and picked one out to nurture. I held it tight, looking at it's little fingers and toes and gazed into it's eyes. I felt so sad inside at this moment. Thoughts of the precious child that I had testified for in the morning were piercing my heart.

I moved over to the sand and started to smooth it out. Perhaps a sand tray would help me sort my thoughts and feelings out. I started to select some figures, but none seemed very interesting or fitting to me. I continued to smooth the sand, and as I did, I had the desire to go deeper into it. My body needed to be grounded, sunk in, covered.

I grabbed my weighted blanket and tried to flatten myself out on the ground as much as possible. After laying for a bit, I felt a bit more relaxed. While staying grounded with the blanket, I decided to do some clay molding and found myself flattening that out as well. Flat, tired, wanting to be covered and hidden. These were needs that were surfacing for me through our session.

The clay took the form of a blanket and reminded me of my precious Mama Pete, my grandmother whom I grew up right down the road from. Mama Pete always had lots of blankets for making "peepeye" houses. This was one of my favorite past times as a child while spending time with grandma. We would take the blankets and drape them over chairs and then hide under them, making tunnels and hideaway spots. I always felt so safe and cozy in a "peepeye" house. I always reserved one blanket to cover up with in my hiding space deep within the labrynth.

I love the coziness of blankets, and as I thought of the comfort they bring, I visualized God as the hen who protects us with his blanket of feathers. My comforter. Our children's comforter.

That's just what I needed that day: quiet and comfort. Thank you, God.

"He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfullness will be your shield and rampart." Psalms 91:4

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